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It’s almost January, and in Minnesota, that means subzero temperatures are on their way. In some cases, extreme temperatures make biking virtually impossible, and we recommend staying indoors in case of severe cold weather emergencies. But milder freezing temps can still be fair weather for winter cycling–especially fat biking.  Preparing yourself with the right gear

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If you are in the market to buy a new bike rack for your fat bike, here are some roof rack options organized from lowest to highest price point. Prices are subject to change and are accurate as of the date of posting. Also check out our Fat Bike Hitch Rack Buying Guide for hitch racks that

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This is a buying guide for kids fat bikes, ranging in price from just under $200 to just over $1,000.   Currently, most kids fat bikes seem geared towards boys–although a few manufacturers carry models in traditionally girl-themed colors like pink and purple as well as more gender-neutral colors. For more information and complete specs, click

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This is a buying guide for women’s fat bikes. While fat bikes specifically designed for women are not as widespread as non gender-specific fat bikes, Framed Bikes has been offering women’s fat bikes for the past few years–all in an affordable price range under $1,000.  This year, Specialized debuted its Hellga fat bike for women,

fat bike events in minnesota
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Update: Check out our 2015-2016 Fat Bike Races and Events post for the most up-to-date schedule. January 2015 Fat Bike Events in Minnesota Date Name Location Distance Fees Jan 10 GRIMBA Pot-Luck and Fatbike Ride Mt. Itasca Grand Rapids, MN $6 Trail pass Jan 17 Arctic Fat Fever Fat Bike Race Excelsior Brewing Company Excelsior, MN 15 miles

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When fat biking on groomed trails shared with other snow sports (skiing, snowmobiling, etc.) be sure to respect the trail and fellow users of the trail.  The International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) has a full list of fat bike etiquette guidelines to help all users of shared trails stay safe. Our list of do’s and

fat bike trails in minnesota
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Fat biking is gaining popularity all over the United States, but Minnesota is one of just a few states that are actively working to provide fat bikers with increased access to packed and maintained trails in the winter. The MN Bike Trail Navigator has tons of great information about MN trails, and he recently published a very

Fat Bike Riding on Snowmobile Trails?
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While fat biking is not exclusively a winter sport, the made-for-snow tires make fat biking a great way to stay fit in the winter.   In the summer, it’s easy to find places to bike, since fat bikes can be used on virtually any biking trail. But the winter is a little bit more challenging as

Larabar Review
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  Larabars are one of our favorite go-to snacks whenever we go biking.   For long rides, sometimes we pack two or three each.   We’ve tried a lot of protein bars, but Larabars stand out as by far the best. Not only are they high in protein, but they are actually really good for you and

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