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If you are in the market for a cheaper introductory fat bike, Walmart offers a fleet of affordable fat bikes all under $500. The pricing changes frequently for these bikes and many of them can be purchased from multiple retailers. Make sure to shop around before you purchase one. Prices accurate as of the date of posting.   For fat bikes $500-$1k, see Budget Fat Bike Buying Guide 

Very little information is given for these bicycles and most cannot be found on the websites of the brands labeled on the bikes. I compiled as much information I could find from the reviews and descriptions on retailer websites. If you plan on ordering a fat bike from Walmart, I would recommend free in-store pickup instead of free ship to home. This lessens the chance that the bike will be damaged by a third-party shipping company.

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Mongoose Beast Walmart Fat Bike   Mongoose Beast: $199.00

     Weight: 50+ lbs

     Frameset: Rigid Steel, Cruiser Design Frame

     Brakes: Rear Coaster Brakes

     Drivetrain: Singlespeed (36t Front/ 18t Rear)

     Rims: Alloy Undrilled Rims

     Tires: 4-1/4” Knobby Tires


By far the most popular Walmart fat bike is the Mongoose Beast. A simple Google search of the Mongoose Beast brings up many different reviews and videos. The Beast is a very heavy steel singlespeed fat bike. Because of the weight and gearing, the bike doesn’t perform extremely well on non-pavement rides. It is recommended that the 18t rear cog be replaced with one that makes pedaling more manageable. The Beast is offered in 4 colors: Green, Black, Red, and Blue.

Buy on Amazon: Mongoose Beast Fat Tire Bicycle

Kent Devastator: $221.65Kent Devastator Walmart Fat Bike

Weight: ??

Frameset: Sturdy Steel Frame and Fork

Brakes: Front and Rear V-Brakes

Drivetrain: 7-Speed

Rims: Alloy Undrilled Rims

Tires: 26” x 4”


The Kent Devastator is a heavy steel-framed fat bike with a 7-speed drivetrain. The drivetrain features a steel front crank with a low-end Shimano shifter in the rear. The cockpit has low rise BMX-style handlebars with linear pull hand brakes. There have been complaints that the BMX style handlebars are too narrow for the large bicycle. The greatest complaint for the bike is the wheelset. Many customer reviews mention that the rims can arrive out of true. The Walmart recommended PSI for the tires is 30 PSI. However, when they are filled past 15-20 PSI, the tire tends to fall off the rim. The bead diameter for the tires is too large for the rim, making it easy to fall off under higher PSI. The frame is offered in Black with the option of three accent colors: Yellow, Blue, and Green.


Mongoose Brutus Walmart Fat Bike   Mongoose Brutus: $249.99

     Weight: 50+ lbs (Amazon Shipping Weight: 59 lbs)

     Frameset: Steel Cruiser Design Frame

     Brakes: Rear Coaster Brake

     Drivetrain: Singlespeed (18t Rear)

     Rims: Alloy Undrilled Rims

     Tires: 26” x 4 ¼” Knobby Tires


The Mongoose Brutus is a singlespeed steel fat bike that is similar to the Mongoose Beast. Because it is a heavy bike, it is recommended to change the 18t cog with an easier to pedal 22t cog. The greatest complaints with this bike are the seat and seat post. Many of the reviews state that the seat is unbearable and should be replaced right away. Also, the seatpost can be too short for riders around 6 feet and taller, requiring you to replace the seatpost as well. There is potential that the plastic pedals can arrive loose, causing the pedals to fall off in a couple rides. The Brutus is offered in one color: Black with Yellow accents.

Buy on Amazon: Mongoose Brutus Bicycle

Mongoose Dolomite: $249.00

Weight: 48 lbs

Frameset: Steel Frame

Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brakes (160mm rotor)

Drivetrain: 7-speed

Rims: Alloy Undrilled Rims

Tires: 26” x 4” “All-Terrain Knobby Tires”


The Mongoose Dolomite is a heavy steel 7-speed bicycle with front and rear disc brakes. I purchased this bike earlier this year. Check out my series of posts about the Mongoose Dolomite to learn more about this bike.


Mongoose Hitch Walmart Fat Bike   Mongoose Hitch: $249.00

     Weight: ??

     Frameset: Steel Mountain Style Frame

     Brakes: Front and Rear Disc Brakes (160mm rotor)

     Drivetrain: 7-speed

     Rims: Alloy Undrilled Rims

     Tires: 26” x 4” “All-Terrain Knobby Tires”


The Mongoose Hitch is a steel 7-speed bicycle that features drilled out 26” rims. The Hitch is a similar to the Mongoose Dolomite, but with lighter drilled alloy rims and lighter disc rotors. The largest complaint with the Hitch is the brakes. Because the brakes are cheap, they can take awhile to adjust with enough stopping power for such a heavy fat bike. The Mongoose Hitch is offered in one color: Red.

Buy on Amazon: Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike

DK Duke Walmart Fat BikesDK Duke: $269.00

Weight: ~44 lbs

Frameset: Hydroformed Aluminum Frame with Steel Fork

Brakes: Front Disc Brakes and Rear Cantilever Brakes

Drivetrain: 7-speed

Rims: Alloy Undrilled Rims

Tires: 26” x 4” Spider Tread Tires


The DK Duke one of two aluminum fat bikes offered by Walmart. Even though the frame is aluminum, the 7-speed Duke still features a steel non-suspension fork. The rear 7-speed Microshift derailleur changes gears using a trigger style shifter. The front brakes are 160mm disc brakes and the rear brakes are cantilever brakes. The frame is compatible for rear disc brake conversion, however the rear hub is not a disc brake hub. Even though the Duke has an aluminum bike frame, the bike is only a few pounds lighter than some of the steel fat bikes offered by Walmart. One of the largest complaints is the tendency for the Duke to veer hard even with small turns. This veering could be caused by the irregular “spider tread” and/or the frame geometry. The Duke is offered in one color: Yellow with Blue accents.



   Polaris Wooly: $312.37

     Weight: ~47 lbs

     Frameset: 18.5” Steel Diamond Frame with

     Steel U-Bridge Ridged Fork

     Brakes: Promax Front Disc Brake and Coaster Brake

     Drivetrain: Singlespeed

     Rims: Aluminum Undrilled Fat Black Rims

     Tires: 26” x 4” WD Hard Pack Fat Tires


The Polaris Wooly is a singlespeed fat bike with a rear coaster brake and front disc brake. The frame and fork is steel and the undrilled rims are aluminum. The Wooly features more “name brand” components such as a Neco headset, KMC Z410 chain, Kryton bolt-on grips, and Promax front brake. If you plan on modifying this bike, keep in mind that the frame does not have braze-ons for the rear brakes nor does it have a rear derailleur hanger. The Wooly is offered in Orange with Black accents.

Buy on Amazon: Polaris Wooly Bully Fat Bike

Kawasaki Sumo 4.0: $489.19

Weight: ??

Frameset: 18.5” Aluminum Diamond Frame with U-Bridge Ridged Fork

Brakes: Front and Rear Promax Disc Brake

Drivetrain: 3×7 21 speed Shimano Altus Components

Rims: Aluminum Undrilled Fat Black Rims

Tires: 26” x 4” WD Hard Pack Fat Tires


The Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 is Walmart’s premier fat bike. It features a 3×7 drivetrain with Shimano Altus derailleurs and EF-51 trigger shifters. The Wooly has Promax disc brakes in both the front and the rear with 160mm discs. Other “name brand” components include WTB Rocket V saddle, Neco headset, Kryton grips, and a KMC z50 chain. The Kawasaki Sumo 4.0 is offered in Black with Green accents.

Buy on Amazon:  Kawasaki Sumo Fat Bike

*Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the Amazon product links and make a purchase based on my referral, I’ll receive a small commission.  

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Hi I’m Josh. I grew up in the Twins Cities and as a kid I rode my bike all over the west metro area, in addition to fixing up bikes for myself and others. Through these experiences, I developed a life-long passion for biking. Since then, I received a B.S. in Physics from Bethel University and met my wife Santi. When I was in college, I spent a lot of time building and collecting bikes in our tiny one-bedroom apartment in St. Paul. At one point, we had at least 6 bikes stuffed into the apartment. I’d have a bike build in progress on the floor of the living room and the rest of the bikes hanging on DIY storage racks. I built my first fat bike, a Salsa Mukluk 2, in that apartment. I’m currently working on an Alubooyah Fat Bike build.


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    I am 6 ft 1.5 inches tall… I was told to buy a bike with an 18 inch frame, aside the woolly bully which of these bikes has such a long frame? thanks in advance. Bobby Cakes

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      Unfortunately, majority of Walmart bikes do not offer frame size specs. Some of these bikes might be in stock at your local Walmart for you to try out. Keep in mind that if you find that the seat is too low for you at the highest position, you can buy a longer seatpost for $20 – $50 depending on what you want.

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    Peter Reinzuch

    I purchased a Cyclone 3000 electric bike conversion kit
    Which of the Bikes you reviewed would be best suited to ebike conversion?
    With the Cyclone I purchased a Panasonic 52 volt battery weighing 7.5 pounds
    I bought this stuff from Lunacycles.

    I have been considering purchasing the Mongoose Dolomite.
    Again what bike under $500 would you buy for this conversion … I want a fat tire bike!
    Please rsvp .
    Thanks Peter

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      I have to admit that I don’t have much experience with Fat Bike electric conversion kits, but here are some things to help you out. Make sure that your Cyclone 3000 kit came with a BB kit for fat bikes. If you don’t have the kit, contact the guys at Luna Cycle and they should be able to help you out. The best installation guide for the Cyclone 3000 is written by the guys at Electric FatBike. I think your best bet would be to ask them which bike they would recommend for the kit, because I am not completely sure.

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