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Many times I have rested my bike precariously leaning against something and have come back to find it fallen on the floor.  If I am really unlucky, the bike will have hit something on the way down, scratching the paint or tweaking a disc rotor.  With fat bikes being as expensive as they are, it is sickening to find your brand new investment lying on the ground.

As the snow is starting to fall, people are buying new fat bikes or taking their current ones out of storage. I would recommend finding a good way of storing your set of wheels between rides. Recently I was in the market for a fat bike floor stand, and below are some stands that I found in my recent search, organized from approximately least to most expensive.

This post contains affiliate links.* 

Topeak FlashStand FAT

The Topeak FlashStand FAT floor stand is an ultra-portable fat bike floor stand that you can bring with you anywhere and is one of the most affordable options available.  When folded, it measures only 3.8″ x 1.2″ x 6.2″.  The floor stand has a sleeve that slides over the non-drive side crank arm to hold your fat bike on flat, hard surfaces.  The base is made using aluminum and the sleeve is made from “engineering grade plastic.”  Many of the reviews on Amazon say that the plastic is fragile and prone to brake.  I feel like this stand can really only be used for temporary storage, not for weeks at a time.

Order from Amazon: Topeak Flashstand Fat Bike Stand

Feedback Sports FATT RAKK

The Feedback Sports FATT RAKK is a metal fat bike stand that can hold fat bikes with tire widths from 3″ – 5″.  The FATT RAKK has a spring loaded arm that accommodates varying wheel diameters.  The cones on the spring loaded arm are adjustable to help ensure a snug fit on the tires.  The design is modular allowing multiple FATT RAKKs to be connected together.

Order from Amazon: Feedback Sports FATT RAKK


Willworx Fat Rack

The Willworx Fat Rack is a metal floor stand capable of holding fat bikes with tire widths from 3.8″ to 5″.  The Fat Rack holds fat bikes upright by cradling either the front or rear wheel.  Because the Willworx Fat Rack is shipped flat pack, there is some assembly required.  They have a PDF assembly instructions on their website.  When you assemble the stand, you can choose from three widths (4.25″, 4.75″, or 5.25″), picking the one that most closely matches your tire size.

Buy from Amazon: Willworx Superstand Fatrack Retail Pack Display Stand



Skinz Protective Gear Fat Stand

The Skinz Protective Gear Fat Stand is a sturdy metal stand for fat bikes with tires from 4″ to 5″ tires.  It is offered in 5 colors (Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, White) so you can color coordinate your rack with your bike, although the non-black racks tend to be a bit more expensive.  Skinz also makes the Organic Bike Stand which switches out the metal base for a wood base.

Buy from Amazon: Skinz Protective Gear Fat Tire Bike Stand


Steve’s DIY Low-Cost Fat Bike Stand

Steve from nuxx.net has very popular DIY Fat Bike Stand that I found referenced on multiple biking forums.  If you like DIY projects, this fat bike stand is the most cost-effective way of storing your fat bike–coming in around $15.  (Photo credit goes to nuxx.net.)

I built one of these DIY stands for myself recently, and it is working great.  Look for a future post about it!


*Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase based on my referral, I’ll receive a small commission.  

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Hi I’m Josh. I grew up in the Twins Cities and as a kid I rode my bike all over the west metro area, in addition to fixing up bikes for myself and others. Through these experiences, I developed a life-long passion for biking. Since then, I received a B.S. in Physics from Bethel University and met my wife Santi. When I was in college, I spent a lot of time building and collecting bikes in our tiny one-bedroom apartment in St. Paul. At one point, we had at least 6 bikes stuffed into the apartment. I’d have a bike build in progress on the floor of the living room and the rest of the bikes hanging on DIY storage racks. I built my first fat bike, a Salsa Mukluk 2, in that apartment. I’m currently working on an Alubooyah Fat Bike build.
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