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The v3 Pro Series Bike Mount and Case kit is truly a beautiful piece of machining.   A good majority of the smart phone bike mounts on the market are cheap plastic crap that would disgrace the handlebars of any fat bike.  Aesthetics aside, many of the plastic “universal” phone mounts either don’t hold the phone very well or are extremely bulky.

Weighing only 64 grams, RokForm’s v3 smart phone bike mount is machined out of a block of 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized to an appealing blue-gray.  In addition, the case portion can easily be used just like any other smart phone case, protecting the phone from everyday use without unnecessary bulk.

3 Levels of Protection for a Secure Mount

The v3 Pro bike mount can be mounted to any bicycle that has a 1-1/8 inch thread-less steer tube.  Because the bracket mounts directly to the steer tube, your phone sits directly in the center of the handlebars.    Rokform makes beautiful aluminum and high-impact polycarbonate cases which have a lock-in mounting system that attaches to the aluminum bracket with a simple twist.

In addition to the lock-in mechanism, strong magnets in the bracket and in the phone case assist in keeping your phone from being jolted off the bracket.  Rest assured, I have used this magnetic case 24/7 for over a year with two different phones, and the magnet does not damage the phone.

The third layer of protection is a removable wrist lanyard that wraps around the bracket.

The V3 Bike Mount in Action

The bracket mounts the phone on a pivot, allowing you to position the phone at any angle between -20 to +55 degrees.  I have seen some riders tilt the phone towards them and take video of their rides on their phone.  Because the system is so stable the videos actually turn out quite well.

I have tilted the phone up before to use as an emergency flashlight when I’ve forgotten my LED headlight on an evening ride.  Mostly I use the phone for navigation and music.

In regards to navigation, there are quite a few of bike apps that allow you to track your ride and provide navigation from trail to trail.  We’ve used MapMyRide and Runtastic Mountain Bike, both of which are free from the Google App Store.

rokformFor listening to music, I will open Pandora and play a station using the speaker on my phone.  The phone speaker on a Samsung Galaxy S5 is loud enough for me to hear the music on a ride but quiet enough that it doesn’t bother other people on the trail.

The phone mount performs well even when biking on rough trails.  However, I have noticed when the trail is really wet, my Larry tire will kick up water and will get the phone wet.

To protect your phone from the water, Rokform also sells a RokSack which is essentially a waterproof plastic bag.  Putting a front fender on your bike will also remedy the problem.  However if the trail has a lot of water filled ruts, I will usually just put the phone in my pack.

Unfortunately they only make compatible cases for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.  A kit that includes a bike mount and phone case retails at $99, although Amazon regularly offers a discounted price. For other phones Rokform does have a Universal Bike Mount that has an adapter that mounts to any phone or phone case using an adhesive tape.  I have not tried this out so I don’t know how well or how long the adhesive holds.

Buy on Amazon: Rockform Pro Series Bike Mount or Universal Bike Mount 

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