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Editor’s Note: We’ve completely revamped and updated this list for the 2016-2017 season, with more detailed specs and pricing guides!  The racks listed below are hitch racks only.  Also check out our Fat Bike Roof Rack Buying Guide for roof racks that are compatible with fat bikes.  Also note that this post contains affiliate links.* *** Because fat

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Last updated January 1, 2017 One essential in winter biking is finding a way to keep your body warm.  One of the most difficult body parts to keep warm are the hands and fingers.  Whatever you use to keep your hands warm cannot be too bulky or inhibit movement because you can’t compromise the dexterity

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1UP USA makes some of the most popular bike racks for cars, especially in the fat bike market.  They are a small company located in Southwestern Wisconsin that manufactures their racks in Wisconsin and sells them directly to the consumer.   I see increasing numbers of their racks popping up at different singletrack trails around the Twin Cities.

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Back in January I decided to buy a Mongoose Dolomite fat bike on sale for $191.99, or about the price of an average fat bike rear hub.   I received my Mongoose Dolomite from Walmart approximately a week after purchase.  The Dolomite came partially assembled in a 61 x 30 x 10 inch box.  The shipping was free despite

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Bike
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Update: Check out my Mongoose Dolomite Unboxing post to read my first impressions. There are a few cheap fat bikes on the market. For example, the Framed Minnesota 1.0 retails for $749.95. The Gravity Bullseye Monster from bikesdirect.com sells for $499.95. Then there are a few extremely cheap fat bikes also for sale. Big surprise,

Larabar Review
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  Larabars are one of our favorite go-to snacks whenever we go biking.   For long rides, sometimes we pack two or three each.   We’ve tried a lot of protein bars, but Larabars stand out as by far the best. Not only are they high in protein, but they are actually really good for you and

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